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How many of us can relate to the image above when we are so burned out we feel we can’t do it anymore! Wether you work a fourty hour job, a part time job or you stay at home for me we all count as working moms. As a matter of fact I stayed home to at one point and I can honestly say its not as easy as people think it is. Once another mom told me at that time that she didn’t have the luxury of staying home like I did, oh I wanted to tell her off so bad, “Yes its a true luxury washing dishes, changing diapers, making bottles, doing laundry and making dinner etc… all day everyday for no pay no break and feeling like no one cares anyway. Also, the shaming behind it all I would have never believed its like its a sin to stay home with your kids everyone questions how you can afford it. Currently I am working about twenty-five hours a week and I love it I do feel I get the best of both worlds I get to spend time with my children do all the mom things help with homework, drive them to activities and get to any appointments they may have. At the same time I work out of the home for a couple of hours a week spend time with other adults and make a bit a money to help out my husband. My children love that I am home by the time they arrive from school. For us it has really worked out and it’s truly rewarding to be able to do both, for now I can’t imagine working a forty hour week at least not for few more years until my kids can be home alone I still have ways to go so for now I am enjoying it the way it is. Supporting others mom is something we should all do, respecting that we all have our own way of raising children. Also, realizing that everyone has different needs some moms truly are passionate about there careers and can’t imagine staying home and other can’t afford it! Thank You! For taking the time to read this and please share with me what works for you and your family?

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  1. I have done the stay at home mom thing and the work out of the home thing and I liked both and missed the one I wasn’t doing. Haha. For us it has worked pretty well for me to go back to work 80%. I work a 4 day work week and then have an extra day at home to spend with the kids and catch up on some housework and our blog.

    Thanks for a good post.


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