Ready or Not Holiday Season is here !!!!! 🦃 🎄 🎉 2019

How fast this year go for all of you I know 2019 for me flew completely by a Lotta good things happen for me this year I was able to stay the whole summer home with my children which makes my life a little bit easier for those of you who don’t know much about me I am a preschool teacher and have been teaching in the early childhood field for 10+ years already I also am married and have been married since 2006 and I have three children one girl nine years old two boys six and three years old so I am I am definitely a busy mama back in 2013 I stayed home with my daughter and had my son my second son and we were short on money and we were struggling a little bit so I started crafting mainly to keep my head busy and to make my daughter hair accessories like bows & headbands so since then I have started to learn many to to make many other things I never in my mind would’ve thought I was going to enjoy crafting so much if you would’ve told me back in high school that I was going to be into crafting and having a small business I would’ve never ever ever believed you! Well, here I am 2019 basically I’ve been working on a side business on and off I have my ups and downs since 2013 I always wanted to find a partner someone who is as passionate as me about crafting and making things not only just to sell them just for the sake of keeping our minds busy and being creative luckily I started working at the school I am currently at in 2017 where I met my friend Maria and she’s so happens to be a graphic designer and in March 2019 I asked her if she was interested in starting a small business with me that I had already began but it wasn’t really, going anywhere because I don’t have much time with the three children. To do it all by myself all ever wanted was to stay in my field I love teaching preschool I love that age group but I also want to be able to stay home with my children during the summer and not worry about working 40 hours a week.I figured if I can make a business work out I can work less and an actual place and more from home luckily I’m working part time so I only work about 25 hours a week so that gives me time to spend with my family but also to be creative and create things and upload them so I can sell for my business. So that being said let’s get a conversation going what do your children want for Christmas this year my kiddos really really wants a puppy I don’t know though three kids are a lot of work so I know if I go ahead and give in the work will end up being for me I keep explaining to them how a dog is lots of responsibility and lots of work so who knows what Santa will bring this year my daughter also wants an American girl doll of course and she has a December birthdays so she thinks she can go ahead and pick whatever she wants she turns the double digits this year 10 wow I can’t believe it I will have a teenager in a couple years so I should just enjoy my little girl my older my older son wants a Nintendo switch games of coarse and dinosaurs he loves loves dinosaurs ever since he was a little boy he’s also very into Legos so that’s what he wants and 📖 books,my children want books which I love that they love reading my little one wants anything Paw Patrol, Spiderman or Olaf he loves Olaf from Frozen. Well I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 Merry Christmas 🎄 and a Happy New Year 2020 🎉!! Business Name is Unique Boutique by: A&MI will go ahead and put the Instagram link for my page and I will upload photos of a few items that I have made in the past and what I am currently making for the holidays I hope you enjoy this post and I look forward to reading your comments thank you for your time have a great week

Side Hustle!!

Hello!! Moms I have been away for a while today I want to talk about side hustles. I am starting a new side hustle that I hope will someday turn into my full time job! For now I am not sharing what this side hustle is since I am just beginning I want to keep to myself for a bit! It would be my dream to live off what I have started, I am not alone one of my co-workers is in with and we both have many hopes for this new journey. I am so great fun for the awesome person who believed in my idea and dream my co-worker! She is truly a great person now I definitely believe people meet for a reason I hope both our dreams come true and we work together many years to come!! As a mom of 3 I was feeling like something was missing in my life that everything I ever do is for my family. This why I have started a side hustle it gives me peace time to create I am doing something I love it feels like an escape. This is what I believe a side hustle should be something we absolutely love! I know that when this takes off because I have faith it will I will have a lot in on my shoulders. So I hope I keep loving what I am doing for a long time.

Finding clients or people who want to order from you isn’t easy. Sometimes I feel you have to be a celebrity so people will buy your things it’s feels like society pushes small business to the side and we don’t value the love and hard work people put into there small business! I am not going to lie I was one of those people that would rather buy at a department store then from a small business, and now my mindset is changing don’t get me wrong I still love my department stores but I am learning to appreciate small businesses! Especially small business that have started super small. Supporting our neighbors or that mom that sells something outside her home is important to! I would love to here back from you all and what side hustles you have.


Hello!!! Summer is finally here is just me or did this school year fly so fast!! My kids are so excited for summer! We are into the first week off of school and I am already feeling a bit of anxiety of how to keep them busy also trying to make a schedule for the days we will be home all day. Definitely don’t want them on tablets all day or watching TV so I made a schedule and told them we would follow it on those days we are home all day or for most of the morning. Luckily I do get to spend most of the summer with them, so we can plan something anytime. I have enrolled them in activities so at least one day of the week they have an activity they enjoy to do with peers and away from there siblings. Would love to hear what you do all summer with your kiddos so far we will be heading to the pool & the zoo this week!! Granted this is something I try to do but it doesn’t always work out this way!

This is Our Schedule

  • Breakfast 7:30-8:30
  • Make beds
  • Screen time 9:30-10:45
  • 11:30 lunch
  • 12-12:30 rest/read
  • 12:30-2:30 nap for my little one
  • 12:30-1:30 playtime outdoors older kids
  • 1:30-2:30 free time they chose
  • 2:30-3:30 clean up toys

Working Moms

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How many of us can relate to the image above when we are so burned out we feel we can’t do it anymore! Wether you work a fourty hour job, a part time job or you stay at home for me we all count as working moms. As a matter of fact I stayed home to at one point and I can honestly say its not as easy as people think it is. Once another mom told me at that time that she didn’t have the luxury of staying home like I did, oh I wanted to tell her off so bad, “Yes its a true luxury washing dishes, changing diapers, making bottles, doing laundry and making dinner etc… all day everyday for no pay no break and feeling like no one cares anyway. Also, the shaming behind it all I would have never believed its like its a sin to stay home with your kids everyone questions how you can afford it. Currently I am working about twenty-five hours a week and I love it I do feel I get the best of both worlds I get to spend time with my children do all the mom things help with homework, drive them to activities and get to any appointments they may have. At the same time I work out of the home for a couple of hours a week spend time with other adults and make a bit a money to help out my husband. My children love that I am home by the time they arrive from school. For us it has really worked out and it’s truly rewarding to be able to do both, for now I can’t imagine working a forty hour week at least not for few more years until my kids can be home alone I still have ways to go so for now I am enjoying it the way it is. Supporting others mom is something we should all do, respecting that we all have our own way of raising children. Also, realizing that everyone has different needs some moms truly are passionate about there careers and can’t imagine staying home and other can’t afford it! Thank You! For taking the time to read this and please share with me what works for you and your family?

For Better or Worse🤵🏻👰🏻🥂

              We have been married since 2006 and it has been a roller coaster with many ups and downs but here we are I hope to come back in 12 more years and write another post about marriage after 24 years of marriage, but this is what I have for now enjoy!! Now sometime’s it feels more like worse then better, Marriage has so many ups and downs and trying to maneuver everything gets a bit hard sometimes. Being married isn’t a walk in the park well the first few years are like walking in the clouds ☁️ with Prince Charming 😂 NOT, I have to say even though things change so much after kids come into the picture the first year was difficult for me. I had never lived away from my family and wasn’t used to all the responsibilities of paying rent bills etc….., and dating for a couple of years and actually living together is totally different. Once you are married you can’t just walk away so easily and go home after an argument, when your dating you can just go home and not have to deal with it if you don’t want to. Realizing that its a forever comenment is something that doesn’t sink in right away either once that Wedding day is over its like so now what!!  But I guess nothing compares to three children running around with different needs after 12 years of marriage. I do have to say that they have gone by so fast even though we have had our share of problems it still seems like it was just yesterday we were at the alter saying our I DOs. You don’t really realize how fast goes by until you get older for me I feel since we became parents years just go by faster and faster. It is very difficult to have time just the hubby and me,I miss those moments a lot just me and him I don’t mean to sound selfish but kiddos do take up most if not all our time. Recently I went through a really bad depression which I plan on talking about more in future post, this depression I am still recovering from made me realize, how much we take each other for granted how are lives have become a go go go, and its all about getting things done. Realizing we need to sit back and take a moment to apprieciate the little things and each other and take the time to at least ask each other how are day was. One thing for sure, is that I forget who I was before my children… it almost feels like I have almost been a Mom its like I have to remind myself that I am my own individual person and my husband too he was his own person he hasn’t always been Daddy, its crazy how you do forget. What works for us until now is just trying our best to never go to bed upset, we have a couple of times and I just had such a hard time sleeping and getting ready being upset with my Husband puts me in a mood,   I feel strange so I guess for now that is one of the things I tell people who plan one going on this journey of

red rose on brown wooden surface
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being married.

            Try to write to each other, when we first got married I would write him notes and leave on the table at night for him to see in the morning before he went off to work, now I don’t have much time for that but I do try to send him a text at least with a Good Morning and I love you, at least a couple times a week. Take time out for just each other for me its gotten super hard with the three kids sitters are super expensive, but we try to once in awhile drop off at the grandparents and go out for dinner or come home and watch a movie. Sometime even going grocery shopping with out the kids seems like a “DATE” as crazy at it sounds. Also, we are still that couple that tries to hold hands as much as we can, intamacy is super important not only SEX people but hugging, kissing, cuddling during a movie and holding hands. I have always loved seeing couples who have been married for many years still holding hands I think it’s the sweetest thing. Always saying thanking you to each other, for everything I have alot to thank my Hubby for he works so hard for our family and has made it work so I don’t have to work full time, so I can be home with our children more.

            ” Last, don’t forget that you got married to each other and as harsh as this sounds our children were given to us so we can form them and they will fly away one day to form there own lives so try your best, to always remeber this”

     I would love to hear all the love stories out there, please share with us your journey as a marriage with children or without.

              I dedicate this to my Husband Carlos ,  thank you for all you do for our family!!!!





Vacation 🇨🇦

Hello!! A quick recap of our spring break vacation to Canada! We had a great time we stayed at the Skyline Hotel & Waterpark, the kids loved the Waterpark we spent two whole days at the water park they enjoyed the wave pool and water slides. At night there is plenty to do many shops and entertainment around. It’s a fithteen walk from Niagara Falls, plenty of shops and dining close. I would definitely recommend Fallsview Restaurant great view of then Falls. We took a ride on the Sky Wheel the kids loved it great views of surroundings we loved looking at the mini golf with dinosaurs around, also looking at Niagara Falls at night is pretty cool they are different color lights. We spent half a day in Toronto walking by the lake, we had dinner at Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse very very good but pricey it’s about $50 per person but it’s buffet style and all the different types of meats you want to try. Hope you enjoyed my quick recap of our spring break 2019 vacation. Check out some of the pictures 📸⬇️

Family Vacay

My Spring break Vacation is coming this week we are heading to Canada 🇨🇦!! We are super excited about this trip my husband and I have never been and can’t wait to share this with you all! One thing I am not super excited about is we are driving 🚙 it will be about a 9 hour drive for us and with three kids we are hoping we don’t end up regretting it 😂 we plan on driving all night so they hopefully sleep and we won’t have to stop a lot on the way. We never planned for a vacation to Canada we were planning on a weekend at a local Waterpark with our kids, but browsing on I found an awesome deal and had to go for it! We will be spending four nights at a hotel & Waterpark so of course the kids are super excited!! Look for a blog this coming week for photos on our trip!! I will not post anything Wednesday, so look for a post on Saturday so keep an eye for my family vacation Review!!

Morning Chaos!!

Ooh here we go again another crazy morning full of chaos and melt downs, my morning usually start at 6:30 a.m trying to get my face washed, my teeth clean and maybe some type of exercise before my three little monkeys wake up. I used get up at the same time the kids woke up and found that was a bit nuts because I felt so rushed and never had time to do anything for myself. My therapist suggested I try to wake at least a half hour before my kids to do what I need to do she said this will help you have a smoother morning well it’s defiantly not a smooth morning every morning but, it does help especially when I get time to do some yoga or get a 15 minute walk on the tread mill. If I can get my make up done and make my bed before the kids wake up its an accomplishment and it feels good o the little things. By 7 a.m one of the kids is usually up and if not it gives me a bit more time at least to get my coffee ready and maybe watch a bit of T.V which I don’t do much of anymore well at least not grown up shows its all about cartoons or kids movies ask me how many times i have watched Incredibles 2 or Boss Baby about a thousand times a week 😆, I think I know every word to these movies by now and Frozen of course never gets old came out when my oldest was 3 years old and now my youngest who is 2 years old loves it especially Olaf.

By 7:30 all three of my kids are usually up on some days my little one will sleep in closer to 8 a.m, so here it goes breakfast time o how I dread to ask what they want, my kids don’t really care for just cereal or yogurt in the morning they want pancakes, French toast, toast, eggs, bacon, and fruit. I do love that they like a nice hearty breakfast but some days i wish they would just take a bowl of cereal and make it a morning. I have learned not to always give them a choice so Iwill tell them today we are having toast, fruit and cottage cheese for example instead of letting pick all the time.

Breakfast is never breakfast without a spill or somebody complaining about something so important like I don’t like the color of the cup my milk is in or why does she have more then me or i don’t like this when clearly two days ago you gave them the same thing and they ate it with no problem. I have tried to have a morning routine I would like for them to get up brush teeth and get dressed before heading downstairs for breakfast but apparently this sooooo hard to do everyday. It works on some days but on others it just depends on who is in what mood. I can probably go on and on about our mornings I would love to hear about your mornings and what works for you family