Ready or Not Holiday Season is here !!!!! 🦃 🎄 🎉 2019

How fast this year go for all of you I know 2019 for me flew completely by a Lotta good things happen for me this year I was able to stay the whole summer home with my children which makes my life a little bit easier for those of you who don’t know much about me I am a preschool teacher and have been teaching in the early childhood field for 10+ years already I also am married and have been married since 2006 and I have three children one girl nine years old two boys six and three years old so I am I am definitely a busy mama back in 2013 I stayed home with my daughter and had my son my second son and we were short on money and we were struggling a little bit so I started crafting mainly to keep my head busy and to make my daughter hair accessories like bows & headbands so since then I have started to learn many to to make many other things I never in my mind would’ve thought I was going to enjoy crafting so much if you would’ve told me back in high school that I was going to be into crafting and having a small business I would’ve never ever ever believed you! Well, here I am 2019 basically I’ve been working on a side business on and off I have my ups and downs since 2013 I always wanted to find a partner someone who is as passionate as me about crafting and making things not only just to sell them just for the sake of keeping our minds busy and being creative luckily I started working at the school I am currently at in 2017 where I met my friend Maria and she’s so happens to be a graphic designer and in March 2019 I asked her if she was interested in starting a small business with me that I had already began but it wasn’t really, going anywhere because I don’t have much time with the three children. To do it all by myself all ever wanted was to stay in my field I love teaching preschool I love that age group but I also want to be able to stay home with my children during the summer and not worry about working 40 hours a week.I figured if I can make a business work out I can work less and an actual place and more from home luckily I’m working part time so I only work about 25 hours a week so that gives me time to spend with my family but also to be creative and create things and upload them so I can sell for my business. So that being said let’s get a conversation going what do your children want for Christmas this year my kiddos really really wants a puppy I don’t know though three kids are a lot of work so I know if I go ahead and give in the work will end up being for me I keep explaining to them how a dog is lots of responsibility and lots of work so who knows what Santa will bring this year my daughter also wants an American girl doll of course and she has a December birthdays so she thinks she can go ahead and pick whatever she wants she turns the double digits this year 10 wow I can’t believe it I will have a teenager in a couple years so I should just enjoy my little girl my older my older son wants a Nintendo switch games of coarse and dinosaurs he loves loves dinosaurs ever since he was a little boy he’s also very into Legos so that’s what he wants and 📖 books,my children want books which I love that they love reading my little one wants anything Paw Patrol, Spiderman or Olaf he loves Olaf from Frozen. Well I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 Merry Christmas 🎄 and a Happy New Year 2020 🎉!! Business Name is Unique Boutique by: A&MI will go ahead and put the Instagram link for my page and I will upload photos of a few items that I have made in the past and what I am currently making for the holidays I hope you enjoy this post and I look forward to reading your comments thank you for your time have a great week

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