Side Hustle!!

Hello!! Moms I have been away for a while today I want to talk about side hustles. I am starting a new side hustle that I hope will someday turn into my full time job! For now I am not sharing what this side hustle is since I am just beginning I want to keep to myself for a bit! It would be my dream to live off what I have started, I am not alone one of my co-workers is in with and we both have many hopes for this new journey. I am so great fun for the awesome person who believed in my idea and dream my co-worker! She is truly a great person now I definitely believe people meet for a reason I hope both our dreams come true and we work together many years to come!! As a mom of 3 I was feeling like something was missing in my life that everything I ever do is for my family. This why I have started a side hustle it gives me peace time to create I am doing something I love it feels like an escape. This is what I believe a side hustle should be something we absolutely love! I know that when this takes off because I have faith it will I will have a lot in on my shoulders. So I hope I keep loving what I am doing for a long time.

Finding clients or people who want to order from you isn’t easy. Sometimes I feel you have to be a celebrity so people will buy your things it’s feels like society pushes small business to the side and we don’t value the love and hard work people put into there small business! I am not going to lie I was one of those people that would rather buy at a department store then from a small business, and now my mindset is changing don’t get me wrong I still love my department stores but I am learning to appreciate small businesses! Especially small business that have started super small. Supporting our neighbors or that mom that sells something outside her home is important to! I would love to here back from you all and what side hustles you have.

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