For Better or Worse🤵🏻👰🏻🥂

              We have been married since 2006 and it has been a roller coaster with many ups and downs but here we are I hope to come back in 12 more years and write another post about marriage after 24 years of marriage, but this is what I have for now enjoy!! Now sometime’s it feels more like worse then better, Marriage has so many ups and downs and trying to maneuver everything gets a bit hard sometimes. Being married isn’t a walk in the park well the first few years are like walking in the clouds ☁️ with Prince Charming 😂 NOT, I have to say even though things change so much after kids come into the picture the first year was difficult for me. I had never lived away from my family and wasn’t used to all the responsibilities of paying rent bills etc….., and dating for a couple of years and actually living together is totally different. Once you are married you can’t just walk away so easily and go home after an argument, when your dating you can just go home and not have to deal with it if you don’t want to. Realizing that its a forever comenment is something that doesn’t sink in right away either once that Wedding day is over its like so now what!!  But I guess nothing compares to three children running around with different needs after 12 years of marriage. I do have to say that they have gone by so fast even though we have had our share of problems it still seems like it was just yesterday we were at the alter saying our I DOs. You don’t really realize how fast goes by until you get older for me I feel since we became parents years just go by faster and faster. It is very difficult to have time just the hubby and me,I miss those moments a lot just me and him I don’t mean to sound selfish but kiddos do take up most if not all our time. Recently I went through a really bad depression which I plan on talking about more in future post, this depression I am still recovering from made me realize, how much we take each other for granted how are lives have become a go go go, and its all about getting things done. Realizing we need to sit back and take a moment to apprieciate the little things and each other and take the time to at least ask each other how are day was. One thing for sure, is that I forget who I was before my children… it almost feels like I have almost been a Mom its like I have to remind myself that I am my own individual person and my husband too he was his own person he hasn’t always been Daddy, its crazy how you do forget. What works for us until now is just trying our best to never go to bed upset, we have a couple of times and I just had such a hard time sleeping and getting ready being upset with my Husband puts me in a mood,   I feel strange so I guess for now that is one of the things I tell people who plan one going on this journey of

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being married.

            Try to write to each other, when we first got married I would write him notes and leave on the table at night for him to see in the morning before he went off to work, now I don’t have much time for that but I do try to send him a text at least with a Good Morning and I love you, at least a couple times a week. Take time out for just each other for me its gotten super hard with the three kids sitters are super expensive, but we try to once in awhile drop off at the grandparents and go out for dinner or come home and watch a movie. Sometime even going grocery shopping with out the kids seems like a “DATE” as crazy at it sounds. Also, we are still that couple that tries to hold hands as much as we can, intamacy is super important not only SEX people but hugging, kissing, cuddling during a movie and holding hands. I have always loved seeing couples who have been married for many years still holding hands I think it’s the sweetest thing. Always saying thanking you to each other, for everything I have alot to thank my Hubby for he works so hard for our family and has made it work so I don’t have to work full time, so I can be home with our children more.

            ” Last, don’t forget that you got married to each other and as harsh as this sounds our children were given to us so we can form them and they will fly away one day to form there own lives so try your best, to always remeber this”

     I would love to hear all the love stories out there, please share with us your journey as a marriage with children or without.

              I dedicate this to my Husband Carlos ,  thank you for all you do for our family!!!!





2 thoughts on “For Better or Worse🤵🏻👰🏻🥂”

  1. Thank you so much for writing this! I have forgotten who I was before kids. My kids are my world but without my husband I wouldnt have them. I use to do the little notes and I have quit since being married. I really should start. My husband would keep them all. However, after a bit it became to much so I threw them away after we moved one time.

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    1. Thank You for reading! Yes, we all forget we are not only moms we are women who deserve to give ourselves a little love once in a while not forgetting why you married!


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