Morning Chaos!!

Ooh here we go again another crazy morning full of chaos and melt downs, my morning usually start at 6:30 a.m trying to get my face washed, my teeth clean and maybe some type of exercise before my three little monkeys wake up. I used get up at the same time the kids woke up and found that was a bit nuts because I felt so rushed and never had time to do anything for myself. My therapist suggested I try to wake at least a half hour before my kids to do what I need to do she said this will help you have a smoother morning well it’s defiantly not a smooth morning every morning but, it does help especially when I get time to do some yoga or get a 15 minute walk on the tread mill. If I can get my make up done and make my bed before the kids wake up its an accomplishment and it feels good o the little things. By 7 a.m one of the kids is usually up and if not it gives me a bit more time at least to get my coffee ready and maybe watch a bit of T.V which I don’t do much of anymore well at least not grown up shows its all about cartoons or kids movies ask me how many times i have watched Incredibles 2 or Boss Baby about a thousand times a week 😆, I think I know every word to these movies by now and Frozen of course never gets old came out when my oldest was 3 years old and now my youngest who is 2 years old loves it especially Olaf.

By 7:30 all three of my kids are usually up on some days my little one will sleep in closer to 8 a.m, so here it goes breakfast time o how I dread to ask what they want, my kids don’t really care for just cereal or yogurt in the morning they want pancakes, French toast, toast, eggs, bacon, and fruit. I do love that they like a nice hearty breakfast but some days i wish they would just take a bowl of cereal and make it a morning. I have learned not to always give them a choice so Iwill tell them today we are having toast, fruit and cottage cheese for example instead of letting pick all the time.

Breakfast is never breakfast without a spill or somebody complaining about something so important like I don’t like the color of the cup my milk is in or why does she have more then me or i don’t like this when clearly two days ago you gave them the same thing and they ate it with no problem. I have tried to have a morning routine I would like for them to get up brush teeth and get dressed before heading downstairs for breakfast but apparently this sooooo hard to do everyday. It works on some days but on others it just depends on who is in what mood. I can probably go on and on about our mornings I would love to hear about your mornings and what works for you family

2 thoughts on “Morning Chaos!!”

  1. Waking up with a few minutes to yourself is so important. I know sometimes I want to hit the snooze, but 30 minutes of me time is so necessary on those hectic mornings. Cute post!

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