Screen Time & Kids📱🖥

If your home is anything like mine I am sure you will be able to relate, the on going war between you and your children about time one the screen. The problem now isn’t what we lived as children growing up in the early 90s seems like light years away when it comes to technology. In my home there were six people my parents and the four of us kids there where two TVs , One land line with two phones and a Radio to play CDs/Cassette this was our technology. When my husband and I talk to our children about this they look at us like if we were dinosaurs and it was millions of years back. My son said to me Omg mommy no internet what did you do all day, my daughter has said she is thankful she wasn’t born in the other century which makes me feels super old. My husband and I try to talk about the way we grew up as often as we can, we explain to them how we spent most of our childhood outdoors playing hide and seek, ding dong ditch lol, jumping rope, riding bikes or just enjoying a snack with our friends in our back yard.

When it comes to scheduling screen time it sounds ideal to have set days they can use it, but now we run into this problem both of our TVs in our home are Smart so this means they can still watch the dumb videos on YouTube sorry if I offended anyone but some of these videos have no point to them and are not even close to being educational. So when we say no tablet, computer, no using our phones (our kids don’t have cells yet hope to keep this way for a while) we also have to add no YouTube on the Tv, luckily I have the YouTube linked to my cell so I can see when there watching and the history and, what they have watched in the past. Oh! and now I have to add no Nintendo Switch since they got this for Christmas but honestly I would rather them play a game on the switch for 30 minutes then spend 30 minutes watching a video that has no meaning or educational background. At least with he switch they get up and move my daughter has the Just Dance, and it motivates you to exercise a bit.

So the question is how do you control all these devices the only way we have found works for our family is letting them know they may only use tablets, cells, and computers only every other day and Sunday is no screen day except tv since this is the day we may get together to play on the switch or watch a good movie as a family. The every other day thing actually does work and they can’t use anything until after dinner and homework is done. If they mis behaving or something goes on in school that we feel is a problem we will take away the screen time anywhere from 2-5 days, we let them know screen time is a privilege if you mis behaving at home or school there will be a consequence.This has worked for our family I have consider making a chart so the kiddos can have a visual and so my little 2 year old can understand even though he doesn’t really care for screen time right now he would rather destroy my house or write on walls. I do have to add that I wish more apps added screen time limits like YouTube kids I do like that I get to chose how long my child can watch and the screen will just turn off on its own. So if any of you who read this make apps for children especially ages 2-12 years please add a timer for parents to adjust. Would love to here what works for your family!

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4 thoughts on “Screen Time & Kids📱🖥”

  1. I think screen time s a scary thing when it comes to children. It is much more acceptable for a young child to understand a phone or other device at the age 2. Limiting time on these devices can be extremely difficult depending on how addicted your child may be to them. I think we as parent s need ton lead by example for this and I know any of us are too addicted o our screens to be able to lead that way. It’s sadly unfortunate for sure.

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  2. Thank You!! For taking the time to read, yes you are right ya parents need to lead by example! Being a teacher for 10 plus years in Early Childhood development I can tell you that there are many at home activities,projects and games you can do with your children to distract them from the screen a couple hours a week!


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