Potty Training (part 2)

Welcome! To part 2of my potty training tips, First I will share with you that my baby boy is officially in big boy undies. It took me a good solid month to make it happen I know he would have learned quicker I just wanted to take my time and not rush into it since this can back fire I have seen it happen before with my students when I was a two year old teacher kids would get potty trained super fast and then for some reason all of sudden they didn’t want undies anymore. I started by shopping for pull ups which I don’t love but help when you’d can’t just take off work to potty train your child he was so happy when he say the Cars and Mickey Mouse pull-ups, then we took out our big boy potty we put one in our basement since we have no bathroom we put the other in our bathroom upstairs and in our half bath we put a toddler seat for the toilets which are awesome the take up no room. After all this a couple days went by and then I bought him Elmo big BOY undies .Well every child is different in my case I took my time because I wasn’t in any kind of rush he was only 2 years and 4 months when I started to potty train him, my goal was always to potty train him before Spring and I did it !! I just didn’t want to go another summer caring diapers & baby wipes all the time. He had been showing interest since around Christmas time 2018 and I just would sit him when he asked or showed interest I just didn’t want to do it during the Holidays, today is March 24, 2019 and he has been in BIG boy undies for two whole weeks!! So I did it right before Spring I am so proud of my mommy skills right now lol. I have to thank his awesome two year old teachers who made this work too, they are awesome for all they do.

My biggest tip to you as a Teacher and Mom is to whatever or whenever you decided to potty train your child stick to it!! Children know very well when they aren’t following a set routine and for potty training they need to have an idea. My son knew that once he woke up in the morning he had to go sit on the potty first. Then he got into the routine potty when he woke up and before we walked out the door in the morning. Once we arrived to School he would wash hands and his teachers would have him try again. During his day at School they would have him go sit on the potty even if he didn’t go, this to will prevent many accidents if you get into the habit of sending your child to to potty every 15 minutes or so as long it was consistent. At home we would sing the ABC song while he sat or whatever song he wanted to sing sometime it was twinkle twinkle little star. This time around as a mom was pretty easy I didn’t have to do much with him. With my first my daughter we had a goody bucket with things from the dollar store like bubbles, stickers, crayons, and playdough and with my middle son I did a potty chart with stickers and would give him an M&Ms sometimes. Ofcourse every child is different so I would do something that would interests your child, there also plenty of potty training books you can read to them. Below I will leave my Pinterest link to my Potty Training board. I hope you enjoyed my potty training !!!!

Pinterest https://pin.it/rb3xqpnlzktz7m

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