Working Mom

I want to say hello to all my beautiful women that work so hard every day especially all those moms and working moms because it’s not easy to do it every day we multitask all day and barely take care of ourselves ever I want to dedicate to you all you beautiful women out there. In the year 2009 I became a mom of a beautiful little girl I realized how pure love could really be I had such a hard time leaving her to go to work so since then for almost 10 years I’ve only work part time since I love working with children I’ve been in the early childcare field for 10+ years and currently still work at a school I’m starting to wear out as a teacher so I just wanted to share my experience as a teacher and at the Mom especially so my children will one day have time to look back and read all these blogs that I definitely dedicate to them from the bottom of my heart being a part time working mom or a sham it’s never easy you are always being.I just want to tell you that we are always being judged whether you are a full-time working mom for a part-time working mom for a stay at home mom you are always being judged at least that is how I feel whether you work too much or you don’t work enough whether you dedicate too much time to your children or you don’t multitasking all day because that is all we do is mommies and we never take time to look out after ourselves.We are always on the go constantly my day starts off around 630 if not earlier in the morning and it doesn’t end till about 10 PM at night starting off with crazy children jumping on your bed wanting breakfast wanting milk spilling milk spilled cereal all over the floor preparing them for school preparing myself for work taking them to school driving myself to work it sounds like the lives of many of us we never slow down we really do need to take the time to enjoy time to ourselves because our little humans really need us to be all there. I would love to hear feedback on what you mommies out there all to you to keep saying what you do to take time out for yourselves I have recently started walking more going windowshopping more and even sitting down and just reading and totally just ignoring the chaos around me these little tiny humans that we raise take out all her energy but then when do us as women take time for ourselves I hope you enjoy this blog I will have many more fun things for you thank you and take care hello mommy is everywhere!

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